A great way to save money on all the Entertainment services you contract.

fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes
fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes
Asking for Discounts

The concern of every small entertainment business owner revolves around their competitors. Regardless of the service they offer, there are numerous local companies providing something similar. They understand that the market favors buyers and struggle to determine the value of their service compared to what customers are willing to spend on it.

In most cases, simply asking for a lower price will not motivate a company to reduce their already established price. A truly professional company has significant overhead costs to maintain a consistently top-notch product or service. However, there is one aspect of their operational budget that they can be flexible with, which often goes unnoticed.

A Cash Discount

Do not hesitate to ask the important question, "Do you offer a cash discount?" Undoubtedly, the mention of a "CASH DISCOUNT" will make the vendor reconsider and lean towards your favor. The primary reason for this is that businesses can save money by avoiding credit card payment fees and pass that savings to the customer. It is important to note that accepting cash payments is a common practice and not illegal. Reputable small businesses that accept cash payments are responsible for reporting their cash earnings to the IRS, not the consumer. The key point is that most vendors are willing to offer a discount to avoid credit card processing fees.

How to request a cash discount

If you are organizing a wedding, corporate event, or party, you could save a significant amount of money by taking advantage of cash discounts. Various services such as cake decorators, invitations, DJs, videographers, musicians, celebrity impersonators, specialty talent, models, showgirls, back-line, sound reinforcement, and equipment rental services will be more inclined to respond positively to your request for a cash discount.

Once you have chosen your vendor, it is advisable to arrange a face-to-face meeting, if possible. Before finalizing any contracts, clearly communicate all your expectations and ask the vendor to explain in detail how they will meet your specific requirements. Once they have outlined the products, goods, services, and activities they will provide, you can then ask them to provide a price quote. At this point, you can pose the question, "Is it possible to receive a cash discount?" Do not mention a cash discount during the initial consultation, as a shrewd businessperson may increase the price in anticipation of the discount. Therefore, it is best to inquire about the cash discount just before signing the contract to ensure a fair deal.

When you visit the bank to withdraw a substantial amount of money from your account, make sure to request cash instead of a cashier's check. Vendors typically expect to receive cash as payment in order to honor the cash discount. It is worth noting that banks are required to report withdrawals of $10,000 or more, so it is advisable to keep your withdrawals below that amount.